Article 1 - Declaration of protection of privacy

As a company, we strive to treat your personal data in a lawful, correct and transparent manner. By this document, we communicate to you the personal data that we process for you and what are the purposes of their processing.

Article 2 - Identification of the controller

Within our company, all personal data is only accessible to those persons who, in the context of their specific duties, are responsible for it and whose access to these data is expressly required for the performance of these tasks. For all your questions in terms of identification, you can always contact us via the following email :   

Article 3 - Identification of personal data

Several personal data are collected directly. These include traditional identification data such as last name, first name and last name.

function within a company, contact data such as phone number, fax number, e-mail address and data for billing purposes such as bank account number.   

Where appropriate, this data will be transmitted directly by the establishment of documents, their communication by telephone or electronically or the transmission of business cards. Express consent will then be presumed for the registration of the personal data provided. 

Several personal data are also collected indirectly. This may be public data that is subject to a publication requirement (see nominations) or data that has been made public by the data subject (see publication on a website). Such publicly available personal data may be recorded as appropriate. A presumption of consent applies because they have been made expressly public.  No particular category of personal data is registered without additional consent. 

 Article 4 - Justification of the treatment

To be able to offer certain services and to guarantee their quality, the company needs various personal data, as defined in article 3 of this document. Depending on the specific situation, your data will be used for the following purposes:   

  • During a first contact with people at customers / suppliers or prospects, personal data will be collected for the following purposes:
  • To correctly execute the contract to be concluded and to be able to guarantee the services described in the contract; the orders The invoice etc ...
  • To meet legal requirements; guarantees and taxation
  • As part of risk management and quality control;
  • In the context of relationship management and customer file management; Yes Packages
  • In the context of direct marketing, to be able to send information for the following purposes: YES New products, sending information

Your personal data are / are not used as part of automated decision making without human intervention.

Article 5 - Transmission of personal data

The company undertakes not to transmit your personal data to third parties without explicit consent. In addition to the expressly competent internal staff, the following third parties may also be aware of the personal data required: c Social Secretariat; Acert c Accounting Office; Fabelcom Office c insurance; PV Insurance c Suppliers c Online store: shopify  Other data transmissions may also occur in the following cases: ORGANIZATIONAL 

Article 6 - Retention of personal data

Your personal data will be recorded for as long as necessary for the purposes as described in Article 4. Personal data are also kept for at least the mandatory legal deadlines.

Article 7 - Rights of the persons concerned

As a data subject, the following personal data rights are guaranteed to you by the company. Any request for the exercise of an individual right shall be granted free of charge and within a reasonable time.

c  Right of access - by exercising this right you can obtain both access and a copy of the personal data we process about you.

c  Right of correction - by exercising this right, you can always request corrections or additions to your personal data. Their adaptation will follow on request.

c  Right to erasure - by exercising this right, you can request that your data be erased in case of irregularities in their processing.

c  Entitlement to Limitation of Treatment - by exercising this right, you may request a treatment limitation when errors occur and a correction request is in progress or if you believe that an irregularity has occurred. This means that your personal data can only be processed with your consent. This does not affect the mere recording of personal data, or their possible processing in the context of legal proceedings, aimed at the protection of natural or legal persons or for important reasons of general interest.

c  Right to portability - by exercising this right, you may request that the data you have provided be returned to you or transferred directly to a third party in an accessible format. This right may, however, possibly be limited by the exercise of a specific principle of proportionality.

c  Right to refuse automated data processing - by exercising this right, you can declare that you do not want your personal data to be subject to fully automated data processes and processes without human intervention.

c  Right to Withdraw Consent - By exercising this right, you may withdraw a previously given consent at any time. All treatment will be terminated.    If you wish to exercise one or more of the aforementioned rights, you must contact the person whose contact details are mentioned in article 2. A claim may also be filed with the supervisory authority if you believe that your rights are not respected.


Article 1 – General provisions  The company uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as tags and pixels, in order to optimize the user experience of registered visitors and customers (hereinafter: the user) on the website under the domains following:  The specific purposes of the use of cookies are defined in detail in Article 3.  

Article 2 – Identification cookie

2.1. A cookie is a small file that is saved on the user's device. It allows the company to identify the device of the user and makes possible the use of various features of the website, including the connection to the user's account.    

2.2. During the user's first visit to the website, a notification bar will be displayed on the first page to alert the user to the existence of cookies and offer him the possibility to either (1) continue visit the website without disabling cookies, either (2) leaving the website or (3) continuing to visit the website in disabling one or more cookies.  

2.3. If the user does not wish to receive cookies, he can modify the browser settings of the device with which he visits the website. If the user visits the website without changing the settings of his browser, he will be assumed to accept the receipt of all cookies on the website. The user must take into account that the user experience and / or the functionality of the website will not be optimal / will not work optimally without cookies.   

Article 3 – Justification of the treatment  

3.1. The company carries out each personal data processing in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the processing of personal data, the free movement of such data as defined in the website's privacy policy. The user also accepts that the company has access to the data collected via cookies and that the company records this data. The registration of or access to this information constitutes a personal data processing in order to achieve the objectives defined in this cookie policy and in the privacy policy.  

3.2. The user of the website may, at any time and for free, withdraw his consent by deactivating cookies and sending a written request to this effect to:   

Article 4 - Rights of the user  

In accordance with the policy on the protection of privacy, the user has at all times a right of access and correction on the data that concern him and which were collected by means of cookies. It also has the right to oppose, free of charge, any processing of this data and / or transfer of this data to third parties for the purpose of promoting products and services. The user may also request the correction or deletion of inaccurate or incomplete personal data or those which are no longer relevant. The user also has the right to ask the company for the deletion of his personal data or the limitation of their treatment, as well as the right to oppose the treatment and the right to the portability of the data.


Article 5 - Retention periods  

The company will keep the user's personal data processed via cookies throughout the period during which the website or subsequent versions of it using the same personal data will be online. The retention period of personal data processed via third party cookies is defined by the privacy policy of the cookies concerned.      

Article 6 - Claims  

The user always has the right to lodge any complaint about data leaks or alleged violation of the protection of his privacy through the use of cookies by the company with the Belgian Data Protection Authority via the following coordinates: Commission for the Protection of Privacy Address: Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels Such. : +32 (0) 2 274 48 00 Fax: +32 (0) 2 274 48 35 E-mail: Website:   

Article 7 - Third Party Cookies  

Potential trusted partners place advertisements on the website and sometimes also record cookies on the device of the user who visited the website. The user should consult the privacy policy of the aforementioned companies if he wants to know how these companies use cookies and to give his consent or not to their policy for the protection of privacy .    

Article 8 - Types of cookies used  

8.1. The company uses two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie is generated as soon as the user has logged in using an account. The next time the user visits the website on the same device, the persistent cookie will allow the company to recognize the user as an existing user, so that the user no longer has to log in each time to browse the site / website.  

8.2. A session cookie is used to identify a specific visit to the website. Session cookies expire after a short time or as soon as the user closes the browser through which he visited the website.  

8.3. The company may use other technologies such as Adobe Flash to place the functional equivalent of a cookie on the user's device.  

8.4. The company may generate cookies when the user visits the website or cookies may be generated by other websites or services that perform this content on the page viewed by the user on the website (third party cookies).    

Article 9 - Purposes of cookies  

9.1. The cookies that the company uses provide information about the time of day when the user visits the website and the preferences of the user. The company also uses cookies to improve the user experience on the website. Cookies make interactions with the website safer and faster. They help to ensure that the user experience is in line with the user's personalized settings.   

9.2. The company uses cookies for different purposes: c  Checking - The company uses cookies to know when the user is logged in, so that the correct information can be displayed on the screen and the user can benefit from a personalized user experience.c  Security - The company uses cookies to support or activate the security features applied by the company and to help the company detect malicious activity.c  Preference, Functions and Services – The company uses cookies to know the user's language and communication preferences and to help the user when completing forms on the website. Cookies also provide content and features tailored to the user. c  Benefits - analysis and research The company uses cookies to collect information about the website's services and any plug-ins available worldwide. The company also uses cookies to understand, improve and analyze products, functions and services, even when the user accesses the website from other websites, applications or devices, such as device that is not the property of the user or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).



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